Body Lawson Studio

Our Company Profile

BODY LAWSON PHOTOGRAPHY is one of Nigeria’s foremost photography image development outfits with 16 years experience majoring in fashion, wedding and food photography with over a hundred celebrity weddings to our name.

BODY LAWSON LIMITED which is the parent company is now a full fledged Photography, Audio and Visuals Company. Owning a state of the art sound studio and visual suite. Offering a complete package for Music Artiste both locally and Internationally.

Our images have adorned many magazines both local and international, Ovation, Exquisite, Thisday style, Bubbles, Fotoafrique, Contemporary age, etc. bill boards, the Intern show, Adam & Eve etc.

Creativity style and professionalism is the galvanizing force of our unique company. It is not what you do but how well you do it.

Body Lawson Limited believes that ‘true greatness is not being great but the ability to make others great’. This is why we undertake various courses to train would be photographers. We offer courses from basic photography to lighting, wedding, food, business and digital photography alike; to mention a few.