Body Lawson Studio

Audio Visual Studios

Visual Studio: The visual studio measuring 25feet X 35feet X 15feet high is fully sound proof with 2 number 2-horse power split air-conditioners. We have a complete editing suite with a SONY HDV 1080 player. Also available are the following;
1. Z1E HDV cameras
2. Canon 7D with lenses
3. Track and dolly,
4. Cranes
5. 4 ARRI Red heads (Three 800Ws and One 2000W)
6. Kilo flux lights (Two 6-tubed and Two 4-tubed)
7. 360 degrees green room with inter-changing back-drops, in colours black, white and even with wall papers.
8. Sets can be designed and built by us depending on the video, commercial or montage.

Series like the MTV BASE Advance warning! MTN Project Fame West Africa intro montage are projects done, not leaving all the other numerous music videos that were shot in the studio. To mention a few MI’s “Safe”, Kel’s “Too fine”, Lord of Ajasa’s “Fe nu so” ; the list is endless.

Sound Studio: The studios are contemporarily designed, with a beautiful ambience; totally sound proof; equipped with the following:

1. A twenty-four (24) channel Soundcraft mixer
2. Neuman U87Ai, AKG and Shure microphones
3. Motu sound card
4. Focusrite liquid channel compressor with all known compressor settings
5. M-audio keyboard
6. Numerous Headphones
7. Tanoy amplified speakers
8. Double monitors
9. Nuendo, Fruity loops and a whole load of plug-ins.
10. 2 vocal booths, one for a live band and the other for the solo.
11. Carefully chosen contemporary colours that are soothing.

Not forgetting the most important, young and talented producers and engineers at our disposal.

Sound production: Our fee for producing one track of music is N50,000. This includes sound recording, mixing and mastering

Studio rentals: We offer rentals of our sound studio, visual studio and lighting equipments
- Sound studio - N15,000
- Visual studio - N50,000
- ARRI lights set of 3 nos 800 watts lights - N10,000
- ARRI lights, 2000 watts - N10,000 each
- Kino flux lights - N5,000 each
- Track and Dolly - N30,000